Are you buying an iPad?

With the advent, and hype, tied to the iPad, I can’t help but take a foray into my favorite topic that is only ancillary to the law itself, if at all: books.

I love them.  I love to hold them while I read them.  I love to make notations in the margins or underline an especially thought-provoking or well turned phrase.  I love the smell of new print, the feel and sound of turning the pages.  I love to see them on my bookshelves, to remember and to show off my reading exploits, to provoke conversation and discussion. I love fiction and non-fiction, alike.  I love to share them, to loan or swap and especially good one, and I love to hear that someone has enjoyed a recommendation I gave them.

What is the future of the book?  I saw this comic the other day:

And then today I saw that, in addition to the 300,000 iPads sold over the weekend, over 250,000 iBooks were sold, too. Is this the demise of the book, as we know it?

I hope not.

For me, the bookshelf is more than just a storage place for the books I have read–it is a trophy case and a reference library, a discussion piece and a treasure.

Will the book go by the way, though, as the iPad and Kindle rise in prominence?


2 responses to “Are you buying an iPad?

  1. I am right there with you!!!! I love my books…wouldn’t trade them. Unfortunately I don’t buy as many as I like but I love coming home from the library with an armful!

  2. JK. JK.
    I think this is a very relevant question. I also think that there will always be people who will want and appreciate reading a book from a book and not some sort of computer screen.

    It will be very interesting to see how this affects the publishing market though. I wonder if it will lead to even less people reading.

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