No one wants to read law reviews…

The great thing about the legal blogs out there is that they make the law into something that law reviews and court rulings cannot – something interesting to read.

Here are a few of the blogs that I like to read from time to time, in no particular order:

  • Popehat: a random assortment of items, often about the law, often about whatever gripes the authors have on their minds.  It bills itself as “A GROUP COMPLAINT ABOUT LAW, LIBERTY, AND LEISURE.”  For example “Stay Classy, Nike” takes issue with Nike’s continued support for Tiger.
  • Simple Justice: is the blog of a New York criminal defense attorney… or at least about criminal defense.  Interesting post, on occasion, such as “Promise Unkept” about lawyers being behind the times on technology, or “Prosecutor as a social engineer” about the enforcement of sex education laws in Wisconsin.
  • Above the Law: it covers news from across the spectrum, but especially news from the big firms and law schools.  One notable post I read recently is “What’s your brand?
  • Lowering the Bar: it’s all about what’s funny about the law, and usually features the laughable that comes out of court and those who practice there.  Recently they noted that Kazakhstan is looking for a new dean for its law school (did you even know it had a law school?).



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