A word of warning about doing business abroad…

Today, I found this “word of warning” for businesses in China, though it looks like it could apply anywhere the business is dependent on a personality or individual:

This company is in an industry very much related to government. By this I mean that it pretty much cannot avoid working with Chinese authorities in just about everything it does. This company was a great client of ours for a good spell, but we had not been hearing from them for an overlong time so I called. I learned that they are pretty much winding down their China business because their main (and pretty much only) government contact recently became persona non grata. When this contact went on the outs with one governmental entity (yes, I am being intentionally vague here too), pretty much all governmental entities started wanting to have nothing to do with my client. Within weeks, its thriving China business was tanking and try as they might, there was nothing they could do.Dan on May 5, 2010, China Law Blog, May 2010

You should read the whole article.


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