And the nominee is…

Elena Kagen.  Not the most accomplished nominee in fifty years, but…not too shabby, either.


One response to “And the nominee is…

  1. Anyone who thinks that Kagen represents a Constitutional view should review her arguments in US v Robert Stevens.
    She sided with ISAR and other extremist groups and urged the elevation of the legal status of animals to that of human children, by carving out a huge new section of unprotected speech, citing Furber. The Justices ruled against her in an unprecedented 8 to 1, with Alito taking her position over a misguided belief in some hypothetical “human sacrifice channel”.
    However, if Millet had the guts to point out to the Court that the genre of “crush videos” does not exist in the United States, and never really has( an exhaustive internet search only yielded women crushing insects…), making the entire premise for the argument invalid, perhaps even Alito would have ruled against Kagen. The outcome of Kagen’s position, had she succeeded, would have allowed radical non profit groups to exploit images of animal suffering, while making it a Federal crime to promote fishing, hunting, food production, animal husbandry and/or disseminate historically relevant images in a manner that would have effectively silenced any opposing viewpoint.
    Apparently, free speech should be invoked only when it furthers the cause. As Solicitor General, Kagen has succeeded in removing financial restrictions on PACs funded by these extremist groups to finance the campaigns of politicians willing to move the vegan agenda forward. Which reminds me, Congressman Dennis Kucinich is a featured speaker this weekend alongside persons on the FBI domestic terrorist watch list like Camille Hank (WAR -Win Animal Rights), Darius Fullmer (SHAC7), and former HSUS ( a Kagen amicus brief supporter) law enforcement impersonator, Scotland Haisley.

    Animal Rights 2010National Conference
    July 15-19
    Washington DC

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