Payment in kind…the wrong kind.

It could be worse…

Here’s what I found posted by another attorney who blogs about being a contract attorney (that’s an attorney who works on contract, piece meal).  She found the listing below for a case advertised on Craigslist:

On June 29 there was a post for contract legal work for
a company that for 22 years has provided full financial services, insurance products of all kinds, business consulting, business formation, estate planning(wills, trusts) in addition to all the things that accompany owning a business such as responding and filing basic complaints, etc. Also, I have many real estate cases to begin where the client is suing the bank for truth in lending and predatory lending violations.

One of the cases:
I have a client who has a yacht with a partner and there is a dispute. In short, other partner has acted inappropriately and with malice. Boat is sitting in dry dock. Trail starts July 21. Looking for a trail lawyer to assist or possibly take over the actual trail as current lawyer is not a trail lawyer and is out of his element. You would be working with him. This is obviously very soon so we need to act quickly. Believed to be a very good case and somewhat easy to win for a quality focused attorney.

The payment:
Many various forms of compensation for assistance here including full week charter on yacht with captain, chef, 1st mate in the Caribbean, everything included ($21,500 value) plus other ideas. The goal is to make this case very rewarding so there is no chance of losing.

What is the twist–Allied Financial Network is owned by the guy listed on the ad. This guy also “sold everything” and bought a catamaran to go sailing. He is now based out of Grenada and is a Captain with a yacht rental/touring company. So you will probably be getting the owner’s boat out of dry dock and he will pay you by giving you a cruise on his boat, and he is the captain. He is out little money and gets to deduct the cost of the trip as legal expenses.

L. O. freaking L.

(thanks to Anonymous Contract Lawyer)


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