If a DUI costs too much…

Brilliant ideas for great law rarely make the news.  And this is no exception.

This just in: a Texas lawmaker wants to repeal the law in Texas that levies a the fine for DUIs because it costs too much.  That’s right–it costs too much for people who get caught drinking and driving to pay the fine, so we should just remove the fine altogether.

His reason to get rid of the law, appropriately called the Drivers Responsibility Program, is described by El Paso law student Casey Williams:

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Casey Williams. “You have to remember when we’re thinking about those kinds of incidences, especially when you’re dealing with the first instance of DWI, you really want to lower them because you are trying to rehabilitate people.”

Apparently, no one has talked to him about deterrence, yet.  But on the other hand, I hear there isn’t a lot to do in El Paso.

(Thanks to Legal Blog Watch)

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