Lunch at Aristo’s in Salt Lake City

This really has nothing to do with the law, but I’ve been eating out on business lunches a bit in the last six months, and after eating at two obviously contrasting restaurants in the last week, neither of which I had any idea about in advance, I thought I’d share what my experience was for each. The first was actually very enjoyable; the second, though with good company, was not.

The first was Aristo’s in Salt Lake City, and I posted my review on Yelp:

We arrived at Aristo’s with the lunch-time crowd, and as a recent student at the nearby SJ Quinney, I immediately recognized Dean Chodash lunching with an associate at a table across the restaurant.  The atmosphere was quiet, but busy, and we were immediately seated at a table for two and presented with menus. The atmosphere is great for an intimate business setting, but the prices are great for a lunch menu.

A few short moments later, a waitress appeared, smiling, to ask if we would like some more time, or if we were ready to order.  Her recommendation was the chicken gyro, but we opted to try the regular gyros, with a side of fresh cut french fries (“prepared here,” she assured us).

We didn’t have to wait long for the gyros to arrive.  Mine came with a small greek salad topped with unpitted olives and some kind of goat cheese (I think) and peppercinis, and I enjoyed it between bites of my gyro, which I also enjoyed.

The gyro itself was topped with the usual yogurt-like sauce mixed with dill. The pita was fresh and warm. And the meat was delicious.

Our fries were of the wide crisp variety, far better than I had anticipated they would be.  I will order them again, next time I’m at Aristos.

If you’ve got time to head up near the University of Utah‘s campus, or are a student, I recommend you check it out.
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