October Surprise or Legitimate Lawsuit?

WinterPride: Selisse, Jackie, Peter Corroon
Image of Mayor Peter Corroon via Wikipedia

It seems James Evans, former Salt Lake County Republican Party Chair has taken a Latin phrase seriously: In Ius Voco Spurius.

Robert Gehrke lays out how Evans is accusing Utah gubernatorial candidate and Salt Lake County mayor Peter Corroon of violating campaign finance laws:

The lawsuit, filed by former county GOP Chairman James Evans, alleges that Corroon raised nearly $300,000 that exceeded the contribution limits that he signed into law as county mayor.

Specifically, those county rules limit contributions to $2,000 per person unless the donor is a contractor, in which case they are limited to $100 per election cycle. The objective was to prevent the appearance that contractors were buying influence, something that Corroon insinuated has gone on in the Herbert administration.

But Corroon established the Corroon Leadership Political Action Committee and has received dozens of contributions that exceed the county limits, some of them from county contractors, while he continues to serve as mayor.

The irony is not lost on me. After promising a clean campaign, the Mayor has been thrashing at Governor Gary Herbert for almost the same thing: receiving, and soliciting, campaign donations from groups doing business with the state, specifically releasing a “Governor for $ale” memorandum detailing his criticisms of the Governor.

The problem with Evans’ suit? He’s suing under a county ordinance that only limits contributions to county candidates, not state candidates. Under Salt Lake’s Municipal code 2.72A.104, campaigns contributions are limited, but only to county candidates. Even if the county wanted to limit what contributions candidates for offices outside of the county received, it cannot for lack of jurisdiction.

In my estimation, then, this falls under the “October Surprise” category more than the “legitimate lawsuit” group.

Whether or not Peter Corroon is playing nice is another thing altogether…

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