No stand-up moonlighting for judges?

Seriously. As noted by Josh Blackman, “its a Jersey thing.”

A judge walks into a bar and launches into a stand-up routine. The bartender asks, “Is this a joke?” The judge says, “Let me check with the Advisory Committee on Extrajudicial Activities.”

That’s not exactly how South Hackensack, N.J., Judge Vincenzo Sicari — alias comic “Vince August” — got into an ethics pickle. But he did make the inquiry, and the outcome wasn’t so funny: The panel that regulates New Jersey municipal judges’ moonlighting said he can’t decide cases by day and do shtick by night.

Needless to say, like every good attorney worth his billable hours, Vince is appealing.

One can’t help but wonder: what’s so wrong with an attorney/judge trying to keep his sanity in the less than lovable world of legal practice?

(h/t Josh Blackman and


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