Enjoyed a bacon burger at Desert Edge Brewery…there goes my diet.

trolley square tower
Image by andy z via Flickr

With the “hanging on to life by its finger nails” condition of the mall, I would not have guessed that Trolley Square had any restaurants still open. When a friend recommended we eat at a place called Desert Edge Brewery, then, I was surprised. I did, however, enjoy it.

We were seated immediately, shown menus, and the waitress was prompt to return to take our orders, though her mood seemed a little irritable. (But I guess even waitresses are allowed a bad day, right?) I ordered the bacon burger, and it was good pick. The bun was freshly baked, and the burger tasted like it had been cut off the flank of a cow out back just a few hours ago.  The bacon was crispy, and the lettuce was the fresh good stuff, not that ice berg junk that you get at Wendy’s.

My only real gripe about the meal–which was served quickly and with a side salad–was that the diet coke I ordered came in a glass that was short and more ice than it was drink.  I felt like I’d take one sip, and then it was whisked away to be refilled. But at least it was quickly refilled.

I’ll go again, soon.  And though I like the burger, I’ll probably try something else, just for kicks.

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