Too late to read the “The Blueprint” this election cycle?

In May, a friend recommended I read “How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care).” I hadn’t heard about the book before then, but I had been aware of, and somewhat mystified by, how Colorado, neighbor to (politically) blood red Utah, had gone from a solid Republican state to a passable Democratic state in just an election or two. Finally, this week, I got around to picking up a copy of it, and I started reading it this week.

Here’s how a review from Amazon describes it:

The Blueprint tells how four wealthy progressive donors and a group of bright motivated Democratic operatives in Colorado developed a highly efficient system between 2004 and 2008 to navigate existing campaign finance laws and win elections.

They used their model to flip Colorado’s state legislature and governorship from solidly Republican to solidly Democrat in just four years. The Republicans did not know what hit them until they were out of their jobs.

Using their system as a “blueprint”, these left-wing individuals duplicated their success in other states, like Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, and Wisconsin, to win elections at both the state and federal levels.

The model consists of taking over the operations of the political parties, which were hindered by campaign finance reform laws, and bringing these operations to a new level using cutting edge business practices and computer technologies.

The authors keep story moving fast, so it reads like a good political thriller. They obtained access to actors on both sides of the political aisle, and by letting them speak for themselves, we get a real sense of who these people are. A handy list of the players at the front of the book makes it easy to keep track of the numerous individuals and organizations involved in the drama.

Another reviewer called it “the bible for every progressive living in a “Red” state, and how with a little hard work, seed money, and good candidates people power can turn red states to blue.”

The book starts out with a “How this story ends” prologue. After firm control of the state by Republicans, Democrats had seized control through success at the ballot box, and in 2008, Barack Obama would solidify the state’s movet to the left by accepting the Democratic nomination for President from Mile High Stadium. Just starting out that way has me curious.

Has anyone else read this book? As I read it, are there thoughts you had about it that I should bear in mind? Problems with the conclusions? Insights it gave you?


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