Post-Thanksgiving Relief: Thai Siam Restaurant

Pad Thai at the Thai Siam Restaurant

Is it the weekend after Thanksgiving, yet? Tired of turkey and rolls, cranberries and stuffing, potatoes and pie, yet? Try something completely different, then. Try Thai Siam in Salt Lake City. (1435 S. State St.)

“Yay! I’m a fan” is a great way to describe how I feel about Thai Siam. I found it when it was half the size it is today, some six or seven years ago. It was right at the beginning of the flood of Thai restaurants into Salt Lake, and I had just moved to Salt Lake City from Utah Valley, where I had had to leave my favorite Thai behind. Thai Siam replaced it, and sometime during the first couple years that I started eating there, it expanded, doubling its size.

It has been, however, a while since I went back, but after a night out on the town (read: a harp concert on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake, as exciting as it sounds), my date expressed a craving for Pad Thai.

We arrived around 9:30, and we’re seated immediately. The service was quick–we already knew what we wanted, so after a quick glance across the menu, we ordered Pad Thai and Mussaman Curry. I noticed that rather than the awkwardly translated descriptions I’ve noticed on a lot of menus, the entrées were creatively and colorfully written, full of literary embellishments. It added a funny and delightful look to the menu, and I found myself wishing I had more time–and more stomach–to try out different items.

It took only a few minutes to bring out our meal, whether because of the crowd or because of capacity, I am not sure. Our glasses never emptied without being refilled, and the waitresses were all smiles.

Mussaman Curry--potatoes, carrots, and yummy...

And the food? Great. The Pad Thai was delicious, as expected, as was the curry. I only found myself wishing we had asked for both items to be a little more spicy. I think they probably took one look at our pasty white faces and thought: make it more bland. I’ve had both dishes before, and they have always been more spicy.

Will we be back? No doubt. There are other thai joints closer to our home, but Thai Siam is definitely one of our favorite places to eat. And after gorging on Thanksgiving, a little bit of southeast Asia sounds about right.

Thai Siam on Urbanspoon

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