Mmmmm, fish tacos and more: Lunch at the Lone Star Taqueria

The biggest problem that the  Lone Star  Taqueria has is the parking situation. I did laps while waiting for a spot, and when I finally found one, I had to “ignore” two love birds hug their good-byes, followed by ominous glaring (probably because the good-byes were prompted by my car waiting  with the blinker on while they chit-chatted sweet nothings under the grey skies of post-Thanksgiving December).

But believe me: the hard parking is worth it. (and if you don’t mind a walk, you could always park down the street at the library and hoof it.) I had a fish taco and my friend downed a couple tacos of some kind of carnitas (see the pics). I chased my taco down with a platter of beans and rice…hmm…nice. And all for under six bucks.

Some guy across from me had a quesadilla as thick as a pair of stacked iPhones, and i couldn’t help wish it was on my plate, too. Ah, woe is me: I have but one stomach to fill at a time…I’ll have to go back.

Apropos: the seating is tight, but the service is VERY fast and in the few times I’ve visited the Lone Star I’ve never had a problem getting a chair.

Lone Star Taqueria on Urbanspoon


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