Beat TSA without staying home for the holidays

Gotta fly this year? Not looking to be electronically stripped by an  underpaid, under-trained, and overzealous TSA employee? And not looking to be the next John Tyner, either?

Beat the TSA with a new set of underwear that has “passive/aggressive” written all over it. 

According to Tech Crunch:

The brainchild of Stephen Russell, the founder and chairman of surveillance search engine and facial recognition company, 3VR Security; Privates essentially distorts the shapes seen in airport body scanners. The garment fuzzes out a traveler’s privates using body scanner resistant materials. But Russell says that the pattern isn’t so dense that it will get you pulled out of line, writing that the “effect is much like wearing a loose sheer piece of clothing.

Get to the airport, get through security, and get on the plane…all without that feeling of being violated. All for the low price of about $100. (oh, and also, they’re not available until January…so forget about using them for Christmas flying)

Let me know how it works for you. I’ll be driving.

(h/t to Tech Crunch)


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