Daily Archives: January 7, 2011

Visconti House: cozy and quiet Italian food

First things first: if you’re not looking for Visconti House, you’re not going to find it. Snuggled back from the main road in Holladay, not far from City Hall, it feels like you’re heading up into a residential neighborhood. Tucked back away from the road, the Visconti House is quiet, discrete, and cozy.

I visited for lunch, and while there were a couple other patrons in the very small dinning room, they soon left, and I and my lunch appointment were left alone. Italian opera played from speakers that were turned up just a tad too loud when we entered, but when we asked the waitress had no problem tuning them to a more comfortable level. With wood floors that creaked when walked upon, small white tables set for two, and a room not much larger than the living room in any home, the atmosphere was comfortable and almost intimate.

As for the food, I enjoyed the spaghetti with sausage, though it was nothing that left me more than satisfied. The sausage itself was delicious, though, and made the meal well worth it. We were served bread and salads before hand with a house dressing of some type of balsamic vinegar. My companion ordered the tortellini, and while he said he enjoyed it, he did not seem very impressed, either.

With lunch entrees costing about $8 to $10, the menu affordable enough that I would like to return again, at least once, to try it again. Because it’s close to home, for me, it would make a good stop for a quick date when time is short.

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