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Who motivates you?

I drove with several friends to hear a state senator speak about Medicaid reform (an interesting topic addressed by Senator Dan Liljenquist, one that perhaps I’ll write about at a later date, but not right now). They, my friends, are articulate and intelligent individuals, and as I got back into my own car after being dropped off at our rendezvous point, I found myself thinking: “I’ve got to read and study more if I’m going to keep up with these guys.” We discussed constitutional law, problems of capital punishment, presentation and speech styles, the course of our culture and America, favorite books, history (we’re Teddy Roosevelt fans because when he got up in the morning, he made stuff happen), and more. It was interesting, it was mentally invigorating, and it was fun.

And here’s the thing: they aren’t the only smart and ambitious and accomplished people that I have met and become friends with over the years. But all of them have made me, if just through the pressure of wanting to measure, or keep, up, a better me.

The people I spend time with are a huge motivation in my life. I’ve been fortunate to interact with people who are driven, focused, and ambitious, and it brings out the best in me. I’m a pretty average, normal guy, but by associating and interacting with smarter and more ambitious people than myself, as well as forming relationships with them, I feel like they’ve pulled me along and helped me form a better me than I would have been otherwise.


And lest I forget, my wife deserves special mention as one of those people, unique in her abilities, talents, beauty, and gifts. Thanks for keeping me going, Britt.

Who motivates you?

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