Rocky Mountain Pizza: who knew?

What do you do on a day off, when all the honey-dos are done, when the weather is wet, and when the movies are all watched? You go get pizza, of course!

Well, maybe not, but it’s what we (the Burtons) did on Martin Luther King Day. I had the day off from work and everyone was getting stir crazy, so some time mid-afternoon, probably about 3, we decided it was a good time to eat dinner. And Rocky Mountain Pizza was where we went.

Let me be clear: Rocky Mountain Pizza is not a four star establishment. But let me remind you: I had a two-year old in tow…or rather, she had me in tow. In such a situation, it was perfect.

We found ourselves in the entrance to the pizza eatery examining a menu on the wall while the dull stare of a bored teenage employee absently took us in. Settling on the “Taos,” a barbecue chicken pizza, we headed over to a booth to await its arrival. While waiting, we played the “IQ Game” of pegs found at each table. A glance around showed me that business wasn’t exactly hopping, but it was mid-afternoon.

And the food? Not too shabby, actually. The cheese bread disappeared before it had a chance to cool, and not a slice of pizza was left to be boxed up as we left.

If you’re looking to try it, I recommend going on Wednesday nights. On Wednesdays, it’s bluegrass night, and the room fills with all sorts of musical instruments and music while pizza is served. It’s a fun atmosphere, and the pizza only enhances it.

If you’re looking to get out with the family, on a budget, it might not be a bad option for you. Check it out. On a Wednesday night.

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