Opening of the Utah legislature

I’m here, up on “the hill” (which also happens to really be a hill, or at least a steep drive up towards Ensign Point) at the Utah State Capitol to watch the opening of the Utah legislature. They say that law making is like sausage making: you don’t necessarily want to know what goes into either of them. They also say that no one is safe when the state legislature is in session. With all those Brownings down on the floor, though, I feel pretty safe…

I don’t know who “they” are, but I’m here, today, to watch the opening ceremonies, meet a few legislators, and learn a little about sausage mak–er, law making.

At the prompting of Joe Pyrah, I’m over at the House (rather than the Senate). There’s been a bit of a kerfluffle over the last couple weeks as a result of Rep. Craig Frank finding out that he actually lived outside of his district. It was looking like there would be drama much over his being seated this morning, despite the state constitution prohibiting it. He, however, resigned on Friday, thereby enabling the legislature to dodge the bullet of solving the problem during the opening hour of the legislature. Meanwhile, the Senate is looking to take up a bill to redraw his district to get him in it, allow a special election in the coming weeks, and get a representative seated for that district (57). Less drama, but a problem still to be solved.

Meanwhile, I’m up here checking it out, today, and when ever I can get a few minutes away from the office. Got a tip, suggestion, or idea. Please drop me a line.

APROPOS: Speaker Becky Lockhart was just sworn-in as the first woman speaker of the Utah House of Representatives. How’s that for progressive in this Republican dominated legislature?

5 responses to “Opening of the Utah legislature

  1. Kerfluffle, huh?

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