Market Street Broiler: Good Food, but I’m no Fan

Is it possible to have a good meal and still walk away without being a fan?

I’ve been to Market Street Grill (or Broiler) several times, for special occasions (birthdays or fundraisers) or for a nice dinner out, and at several locations, too. I’ve always had a good experience, or at least left with little to complain about.

The service is good. The restaurant is clean. The food is professional, attractive, and, for the most part, delicious, if not bordering on gourmet. I even like fish, which is one of the Market Street Broiler’s selling points.

And still, I’m not a fan. At least not yet.

With tickets to the Utah gymnastics meet last Friday and a gift card for Market Street Broiler in hand, we made reservations for 6 PM. We arrived right on time, and were immediately seated. I’m glad we called ahead for the reservation, because within just a few minutes of being seated, I overheard one of the waiters note that the booths were all taken, and only the counter was available.

Yeah. I guess it’s that popular.

Our waiter was quick and articulate about the food, and well prepared to describe the several items we asked about. We ended up ordering for an appetizer the hot spinach, crab, and artichoke dip, the spicy Cajun fettuccine, and…my wife decided on some sort of salad.

The dip tasted fresh, and we enjoyed the chunks of artichoke blended in a sauce of spinach and crab. It was a tad salty, and perhaps could have been better chopped, but otherwise, its a good recipe.

The fettuccine came with shrimp, scallops, and Chorizo sausage. It was spicy, and, except for the scallops, I very much enjoyed it. The fat noodles came tossed in a light marinara sauce with chunks of tomatoes and I think I would order it again, though without scallops next time.

The service was good, and the food enjoyable. But even so, I’m still not a big fan. I like seafood, but I think it must be something about the seafood smell that permeates the restaurant that makes it difficult to enjoy the experience completely. I have no real complaints, but, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste.

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4 responses to “Market Street Broiler: Good Food, but I’m no Fan

  1. Craig Christiansen

    I am a huge fan of Market Street. We only go there for special occasions as well, but I think they are one of Utah’s best restaurants. And I don’t mind the seafood smell– but that could be that I’m lost in the seek and destroy crab-destruction.
    Just thinking about that snow crab makes me hungry and want to go back. Oh, they also have a delicious filet mignon. And delicious bread. And those wonderful potatoes that cost extra as a side. mmmm. And for dessert, the sabayon (sp?) Delicious.

    Seriously hungry now.

  2. Craig, part of the reason I’m not a fan of their fish smell is because it doesn’t smell fresh to me…perhaps I’ve been ruined by living in the northwest, because I do love fish, but the smell doesn’t do it for me.

  3. Boo! I heart Market Street you fishy man. :) And I think Pike’s Place Market where they sell all the fresh, fresh fish in Seattle, smells just the same as Market Street.

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