A Modest Tort Reform

A Modest Tort Reform.

One plaintiff’s lawyer (aka “ambulance chaser“) gives his take on Tort Reform (which doesn’t mean changing how you make confections…).

A snippet:

We go by all sorts of names: Trial attorney, victim’s rights lawyer, shyster, stupid, ambulance chaser and so on and so forth.  You’ve likely heard about our kind a lot recently as what we do makes for a solid political talking point, especially when discussing the nebulous and ethereal concept known as tort reform.  Both sides of the political spectrum get their political panties into the proverbial twist due to this topic de jure.  As I am not a prototypical Plaintiff’s advocate, I believe that we can have a thoughtful discussion on this contentious issue all the while mocking all parties involved.

And just by writing this article, I am violating the commitment I have made to my clients. Or at least that’s what the American Association for Justice may argue when they read my idea for a workable solution that best serves the people that really matter (me).

Read his proposal (and the so-called players) here.

You can also read more by the Namby Pamby at his blog where he muses on dishonest clients, crazy clients, and his daily battles with Angry Birds (to say the least).


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