Market Street Grill: Yes, the breakfast is AWE-some.

Market Street does breakfast. And it is glorious. Who knew?

So, naturally, I’ve a little back tracking to do. A few reviews ago, I posted my thoughts on Market Street Grill. “Good food, but I’m not a fan,” I said.

It’s time I repented. I popped in to try the word of a friend (you know who you are), and at the recommendation of my breakfast partner, tried the eggs benedict.

Hello. Fantastic. I can’t wait to go back.

There. You were right. Breakfast at Market Street is excellent.

Enough said.

APROPOS: Apparently, Market Street Grill is also a haunt of the popular and the powerful, not to mention where young attorneys interview. I checked in on Foursquare, and when I got back to the office got interrogated by my boss about whether I was interviewing. Note to self: don’t check in when I am interviewing.

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3 responses to “Market Street Grill: Yes, the breakfast is AWE-some.

  1. Market Street is one of a mere handful of places that knows how to make an over medium egg. That alone establishes it as haute cuisine.

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  3. We love their breakfast. It’s a winner!

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