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The Bombay House: All sorts of win.

There are a good sampling of  Indian cuisine restaurants in Salt Lake City, and I’ve sampled several of them. Ali Baba provides good portions and a quick, lunch-time stop. Himalayan Kitchen has a great site downtown and serves excellent food. But the one place I return to again and again, and will continue to haunt for years to come, is The Bombay House.

Located on the backside of an office building, just across from where the K-mart once was (and where Wal-mart would like to be), The Bombay House is an unlikely place for a great restaurant. However, it never seems to need to rely on drive-by traffic to fill its tables. They don’t take reservations, either. And yet, in all the occasions we’ve decided to drop in–weekend, mid-week, early or late–there seems to be at least one other party waiting for a table in front of us. That said, we’ve never had to wait very long either. The service is quick, attentive, and organized.

But enough about how popular The Bombay House is. Let’s talk about the food. If I had my druthers, I’d order the lamb masala every time. The lamb is tender, juicy, and soaks up the masala sauce well. The dish–barbecued on a kebab and then cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and cream–is a fantastic meal to start with, if this is your first time at The Bombay House. Eaten over rice or with garlic naan, it’s fantastic.

Since my Better Half prefers chicken, last week we decided to order the chicken tika masala. While chicken is by nature a little more tough, the dish was just as good, and I enjoyed dipping ripped off chunks of naan in it.

We also tried one of their new dishes, the chicken makhani. This dish–boneless tandoori (which means it was cooked on a skewer over a coals) chicken cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cashew nuts, cream and spices–has a strong licorice like flavor that I believe was coriander. While I liked the spice and the flavor it lent to the dish, there were a lot of large onions, more than I generally like. That said, I’m not one to shake a stick at a good dish, and I finished off the bowl without too much effort.

To complement the meal, we usually order a couple of pieces of garlic naan, flat bread flavored with cilantro and garlic, and absolutely a necessity for any dish at The Bombay House.

If you haven’t visited The Bombay House yet, they have two locations, and both are worth the meal: on University Avenue in Provo and on Parleys Way in Salt Lake. Find time, and head on over. Even if you have to wait for a few minutes, it’ll be worth it.

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