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Atlas Shrugged: Come see it.

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Just a couple weeks ago, I noted here that Atlas Shrugged was coming to theaters. It’ll be split into three movies. The first comes out tomorrow.

Low budget (only about $10 million), there have been those who have wondered if it’ll be worth watching. Others have opined that after all the credit it gets in book form, many will be disappointed to see it on screen.

Still others think that “its just fiction,” so why do conservatives like it so much? Well, yeah: it is just fiction. But does that change the relevancy of its lessons or warnings?

I guess there’s only one way to find out. You’re going to have to watch it.

If you’re in Salt Lake, join myself and 225 of my closest friends for a private showing. With the Young Republicans, I’ve reserved a theater on Saturday night.

Interested? For more details, go here.

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