Cindy Lee Cafe: Meh.

Meh. Really. Maybe I need to try again. But a “Meh” is about all I got out of a first try at Cindy Lee Cafe

Cindy Lee is on Main Street, not far from Sam Weller’s and across from the Trax stop. It has a great location for the downtown crowd, and the prices on the menu are a value, with a lunch costing about $7. It has a reputation, too–the attorney I joined at Cindy Lee’s for lunch says it’s a favorite of judges from the nearby federal court-house, and that he’s a repeat customer himself.

Me? I probably won’t be.

Cindy Lee serves Chinese. We ordered a lunch combo of “Orange chicken” that came with an egg roll and fried rice. It came quickly (a plus) and it was warm and fresh (also a plus). The chicken was battered and deep-fried, and despite a coating of orange sauce, still crispy, which is a plus in my book.

Under the crisp, however, the bite size pieces of chicken tasted dry. The rice was pretty dry, too, even for fried rice.

One winning point, however, was the egg roll. Usually too greasy for my taste, this one was crisp on the outside, filled with fresh ingredients on the inside, and not a single bit greasy.

Was it worth it? Again, maybe I’ll need to go back. I’ve read (since eating there) that the noodles are fantastic. If I do, next time it’ll be noodles I order.

Cindy Lee Cafe on Urbanspoon


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