The Chocolate: How do I love thee?

The Chocolate: how many ways do I love thee? Let me count them…

Everyone once in a while, a place comes along that just blows away my expectations. The Chocolate is one such place.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new boutique size cupcake/dessert shops. The Chocolate, in contrast to many of them, manages to balance great desserts with a fun and delightful atmosphere. Rather than just good dessert–and they sell great desserts–the scene, in a cozy home cum bakery, provides a snug site for a quiet date or a group party.

But back to the desserts, because that’s really all that I care about when I get my craving on…

1. The Turtle Brownie: definitely my favorite. Chewy chocolate + smooth peanut butter = heaven.

2. The Sugar Cookies: because my wife is a fan, we eat more of these than any other offering at The Chocolate. They’re just amazing. With soft cookies and thick sweet frosting, they rarely last long, if they last at all.

3. The Red Velvet Cake (or Cupcake): I’ve not bought a lot of cakes in my day, but the Red Velvet is what a friend ordered for a party I attended at The Chocolate. It’s delicious, and I recommend you try it. One slice will not be enough.

4. The Carrot Cupcakes: I’m a big carrot cake fan, and if there was one item at The Chocolate that I’d recommend improving, it might be this. I can’t quite put my finger on why I don’t enjoy it, but it just hasn’t sold me.

5. The Turtle Tart: this is a new one for me, one I’ve just recently tried. If you like pecans, thick sticky caramel, and chocolate, then it’s the treat for you. Eat it while it’s fresh for the best combination of flavor.

6. Cupcakes galore. They’re nearly all good (or at least, I’ve not found one I didn’t like yet). Moist, well frosted, and not too large, pick your flavor, and enjoy one. Or, maybe, two.

7. The Mint Brownies: If I’m ever unsure what to order, or am just not satisfied with one cupcake, one of these always pleases.

Yes, there are many reasons I love The Chocolate. A lot.

One more reason is that the owners of The Chocolate have a great sense of humor. Recently, they showed off their (BYU) Cougar stripes when Rick Reilly opined that Jimmer Fredette was overrated. Craig, one of the owners, posted a polite, but firm message for Reilly, if he’s ever in town.

If you’re in Orem or West Jordan, make the time to stop by The Chocolate. It’s worth it.

APROPOS: My Better Half recommends the caramel cupcake or the caramel brownies, neither of which I have tried. The caramel frosting, she says, is amazing.

The Chocolate, a Dessert Cafe on Urbanspoon

The Chocolate, a Dessert Cafe on Urbanspoon

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One response to “The Chocolate: How do I love thee?

  1. I don’t think you know real desserts. Turtles aren’t supposed to have peanut butter…it should be caramel, chocolate and pecans….

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