The Copper Onion: Upper Crust Yum

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed The Copper Onion. Recommended to me last year, I’ve put it off. With the excuse of a “birthday dinner,” though, we reserved a table and showed up hungry.

We were not disappointed.

Before I get much further, let me tell you my main problem with ordering food: it all looks good to me. Part of the reason I like the “In n’ Outs” of the world is the relatively sparse choice. Burger or cheeseburger. It’s easy, and I’m in and out…literally.

The Copper Onion, on the other hand, does not present me with those kinds of choices. Not only were the selections nearly all in a vocabulary that I just don’t use on a daily basis, they also look fantastically delicious. I would glance at an item, then at a table nearby and wonder: “Is that what they have? I want to try that.”

Repeated for almost every menu item.

Fortunately, with a party of four, there was ample opportunity to try multiple selections.

I ordered the lamb riblets. Crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside, I picked each bite off the ribs carefully and fully. It was sided by an arugula salad with some type of delicious milky dressing with a slight citrus tang and mixed with little fried potatoes. The combination was fantastic, and I had no problem finishing either my greens or my lamb.

My Better Half ordered the Clear Springs trout filet, browned in butter, fennel and lemon with baby beets and almonds. Although I’m generally not a fan of river fish, it was satisfying, and my wife enjoyed it.

We we’re lucky to have the In-laws along as our dinner partners this evening, and they chose excellent meals, as well. Mom-in-law ordered a medium rare Snake River Farms Wagyu  tri tip steak that ended up in pieces on everyone’s plate after she raved about how tender it was. It came with chimichurri, spring onions, fingerling potatoes, and crimini mushrooms.

Lest I forget, we also ordered sides of vegetables that were winners all on their own: cauliflower that was quick cooked on a griddle and topped with some creamy sauce, green beans, and shishito peppers that we cooked in olive oil and sea salt. Fantastic, each. The sauces on the cauliflower and the beans were succulent and the shishito peppers had just a tad bit of zing to them, without burning my mouth.

The last word from everyone? A good meal, and a great menu. One thing I like, in addition to just the culinary flavors, was the portion sizes. Each was just right for a meal, not a giant pile of food that leaves you feeling bloated and stuffed as you walk out. The presentation is delightful and attractive, and just looking at it makes you want to eat it.

As we walked out, I glanced over at another table (again) and saw the vaunted Copper Onion Burger piled with grilled onions and meat, and I started salivating, again. I can’t wait to go back and try it.

APROPOS: Dad-in-law was with us, but I honestly can’t remember what he ordered…chicken? At least I do remember his assessment: he like it.

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