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Here are the facts: you decide what they mean.

From the Washington Post, a comparison of budget proposals and their effect on US debt.

From the Washington Post, a comparison of budget proposals and their effect on the US deficit.

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Daily. With a club.

Portrait photograph of Jack London

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“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
— Jack London

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Little did he know…

Next battle in the Affordable Healthcare Act drama? Administrative Rulemaking.

If you thought the big fight over health care reform was last year with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”), or in the courts over its constitutionality, then think again.

Something every bit as big and as important is coming, yet.

Don’t get me wrong. The passage of the ACA was a serious battle and the law will still end up before the Supreme Court before all is done. But now that the law has been passed, and unless the Supremes decide it’s unconstitutional, there looms another battle, every bit as important and perhaps even more so. Continue reading

A false dilemma: Support a Dictator, or Support Oppressed People…How about instead support the “Constitution, limited government, limited executive power to kill people, [and] limited executive power to put our armed forces at risk…”

"Duh. It's for the children. Now don't ask any more questions."

When in doubt of winning a debate, re-frame it as a false dilemma.

In other words, make it impossible for people to choose anything but your side. Never mind if it means ignoring the Constitution or killing people, just to start.

It takes a lot of restraint to put things in their fair perspective. Evidently, Secretary Clinton does not have that restraint. Continue reading