Become an “expert” in about five books (plus or minus)

If you’re interested in becoming an “expert” in a flash, or at least boning up on a topic, then nothing beats reading a few well written books. The only trouble is finding the time and finding the right books.

Find the time and the books, though, and  it is one of the cheapest, and most accessible, ways to an education. A true leveler. Suddenly, you can pontificate with the loudest out there, yell at the T.V. with impunity, and tell Chris Matthews where he’s wrong (a clue: on just about everything that involves a thrill up his leg).

With just a library card and a good library system (which my own Salt Lake County has) a person has access to information and expertise far beyond the time needed to do the actual in-depth research to master a topic.

Enter the The Browser’sFive Books” interviews.

Each day our editors interview a renowned authority who discusses his or her area of expertise and provides their choice of the best five books to read. Ever wondered what the experts read? Five Books has the answers.

It’s a great resource, and always interesting. I check in every day, and get the thoughts from the experts in the field on what they recommend and why. I don’t always care for the topic, and I don’t necessarily agree with their reasoning, but I always find their selections interesting and insightful.

Some recent examples of topics, and the books, include the following:

…as well as 
And on and on. One of my favorites was Harry Sidebottom on Rome. I pick up books from the list at the library on a regular basis, occasionally even buying them off Amazon if it seems interesting enough. Check it out. Put the Five Books blog on your reader, and find a few good books.
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