Bear Paw Cafe: Not Worth Waiting In Line

If it weren’t for the wait, Bear Paw Cafe might be a decent breakfast.

Heck, their Bear Paw French Toast — fresh “egg bread” an inch and a half thick stuffed with either spiced apples, vanilla bruleé  cream or chocolate bruleé  cream–is a good breakfast. The hash browns are freshly made and sans a decent dose of grease. Pancakes are pancakes, and Bear Paw pancakes at least pass muster.

The fun stops there. Ignoring the wait to get in the door, because you can begrudge good business, once in, we were quickly seated, then watched as they sat someone next to us…took our order…took their order…brought their order…then brought their check…

…and still our food hadn’t arrived. The folk next to us were packing up before our food was served.

At the end of the meal, it was all we could do to get our waitresses attention for water refills or anything else. Finally, we finished, and waited some more…and more…

At the end, we got up and walked out while one our party ambushed another waitress to pay our check. Even this girl nearly blew us off. Guess no one wants to make money?

I’ll give the Bear Paw credit: they run a busy restaurant. But their organization was lacking, their service was horrible and negligent, and it’s unlikely I’ll be back.

And no, this wasn’t a one time problem. I’ve eaten at the Bear Paw thrice, twice more than I needed. Food was fair, but the service was not.
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One response to “Bear Paw Cafe: Not Worth Waiting In Line

  1. The wait was long and our service was bad the two holiday weekends that we went. But when we went on a weekday morning, we were immediately seated, we got our food quickly, and the service was fine. In my opinion, this place is totally worth going to on a weekday.

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