Thinking about law school? Better check the ROI.

(Gavel Bang: TheBestColleges via Above the Law)

4 responses to “Thinking about law school? Better check the ROI.

  1. Whitney Thomas

    So, you regretting? Glad you went to law school?

    • I’m glad I did it, but I don’t think law schools, including mine, are necessarily upfront about the realities of employment. If you aren’t in the top third, or even the top 10 percent, it’s a much more difficult, and expensive, proposition. Even for those few who land the high paying jobs, it means long hours and not a lot of control of your future.

  2. Why do you think so many people choose law school given those facts? They can’t all be duped, right?

    • Do we all have the facts? Do all of us go for pecuniary reasons? And don’t we all believe we will be in the top third?

      What this graph does not show is that there is, largely, a higher level of stability in the legal industry than there is outside of it. I am glad that I went to law school, and I would have gone even if I had known this in advance. However, I do believe that law schools do a great job of obscuring the facts and failing to support those that aren’t part of the elite. My main gripe is that law schools and law school career offices don’t do enough to help prepare for practice. Professors are geared towards academia, and career guidance counselors are little more than university bureaucrats with little experience in the competitive world.


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