Anyone’s fault but mine

A sign we’ve become too litigious? Or just stupid?

This, from Namby Pamby, my favorite lawyer-with-a-nom-de-plume:

Caller: I fell and I want to talk to a lawyer about taking my case.

Me: You’re talking to a lawyer. Tell me what happened.

Caller: It was raining when I got out of my car. I closed the car door and I started walking when I slipped and fell in the parking lot.

Me: It was raining?

Caller: Yep.

Me: And you slipped because it was wet?

Caller: Yes sir.

Me: Who exactly are you looking to sue? God?

Caller: No…no…no… I fell because it was raining and wet. In the parking lot. And I want to sue.

via Time to sue The Weather Channel « The Namby Pamby.

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