When in doubt, apologize. Kudos to Brandon Beckham.

Brandon Beckham, organizer of an effort to repeal HB116, speaks with a supporter at a press conference urging the repeal of the bill at the Utah State Capitol on Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

A couple of days ago, I argued that Brandon Beckham hurt his credibility by maligning his opponents.

I stick by that.

However, since then, Brandon wizened up:

“I am very passionate about the principles behind the immigration issue as it affects every aspect of our community. However, I certainly erred in my wording. While I disagree with HB116 supporters on the premise of the law, I never meant to attack anyone’s character, and I’m not above an apology,” he said.

Beckham, of Orem, said he didn’t mean the remark as a slight to legislators who voted for or sponsored the legislation. He said he called key sponsors of the bill to apologize.

“I do hope those offended will forgive me for my ill choice of words as we move forward on this complex issue,” he said.

Well done, Brandon. I can’t judge your sincerity, and I certainly disagree with you politically, but I laud you for admitting your mistake and seeking to make amends. It’s a great step and a admirable example.

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