Lincoln mashup?

Once again, Lowering the Bar takes the cake when it comes to finding, or making, fun in the legal world

Sure, you could spend years actually developing a reputation for trustworthiness and plain-spoken honesty, or you could just Photoshop your head onto the body of somebody who’s already done that.

This lawyer in the Philadelphia area has chosen the more direct route.

I don’t think there are any ethical problems with this advertisement, assuming it doesn’t mislead people by falsely implying that the lawyer specializes in a particular area, like maybe rail-splitting or suspending the writ of habeas corpus. Otherwise, it may be tacky, but there’s no First Amendment exception for tacky.

via Your Head + Lincoln’s Body = Instant Credibility – Lowering the Bar.

But why stop there with the attorney shenanigans?

Share your story of the weird, obnoxious, accidental, and funny stories about lawyers in the comments below. (and I’m curious to see if we get any at all…)


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