Is this how they see Republicans? And how they see themselves?

I’m just sayin’…


2 responses to “Is this how they see Republicans? And how they see themselves?

  1. Pretty much, except no one in Washington is looking like a hero.

  2. That’s great! That’s not how I see most Republicans, but it is how I see the Tea Party Republicans in the House. This issue would have already been resolved, with very good concessions from the Democrats if it weren’t for the hold-outs in the House.

    While I applaud them for sticking hard to their principles and forcing the President, Democrats, less fiscally-minded Republicans, and the entire nation to finally pay attention to and deal with the national debt, I am amazed at how badly they have screwed up what could have been one of the best bi-partisan deals to come out of Washington in years.

    They could have put us on a solid path, and come out as true statesmen while giving true legitimacy to the Tea Party movement. Instead they are compromising our national security, risking harm to the global economy, and looking like fanatics.

    They may represent a part of American society, but they don’t represent all of it; most of us would praise them if they would have compromised a little. But not compromising at all is going to end up making them all look like fools, because no deal is going to be as good as what they’ve said no to.

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