GOP Raw: An unabashed review of the Iowa Republican Debate

Tonight was the GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa. Hosted by Fox News, it was pure entertainment.

Minnesotans Bachmann and Pawlenty returned tit for tat, Ron Paul waxed on about getting out of foreign wars, Gingrich whined about the press, Cain was questioned on his knowledge base, Huntsman distinguished himself as the moderate, and Romney walked away unscathed and still the front runner. Oh, and does anyone take Santorum seriously?  While the last debate was relatively blase, tonight the candidates took off the gloves and went at it with all the grace and subtlety of a grade school food fight.

Ok, they weren’t that messy. But they were none too kind to each other. If you missed it, you missed a good piece of cheap entertainment. I tried to offer some live commentary on Twitter and Facebook, but here are my thoughts on each candidate, in seven words or less, after a few minutes of effortless reflection.

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3 responses to “GOP Raw: An unabashed review of the Iowa Republican Debate

  1. Agree on all, the except feel Huntsman was bigger loser than Pawlenty. Looked miserably uncomfortable and nervous.

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