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Layla Mediterranean Grill and Mezze: “Got me on my knees…”

Not just a great Eric Clapton song. It’s also a great place in Holladay for your next dinner reservations: Layla Mediterranean Grill and Mezze.

And I do mean reservations. It only took me once to learn the lesson, and the second time, a good friend of the owner saved me when I forgot to get reservations, again (and proved the adage–it’s not who you know, but who knows you…). He called in for me at 5:30 PM on my anniversary, and we were seated by 6.

In my defense, I had planned on going somewhere else, but my boss insisted that Layla was the best place for the occasion. After eating there that night, I tend to agree.

Coming in from the hot summer sun, the soft lighting, tile floors, and cool air was a welcome relief. The room was comfortable, but not tight, and full of patrons. After eating, I could tell why, as well as the need for reservations.

We started out with an assortment of appetizers: kibbeh, stuffed grape leaves, and tabbouleh. The kibbeh was crispy and just spiced enough to taste exotic. The stuffed grape leaves were among the best I’ve had, and the tabbouleh provided a light tasting bit of contrast to the slightly heavier kibbeh.

For our main courses, I ordered chicken curry, which was served over vermicelli rice, and My Better-half had the mougrabieh, a soupy dish that is described on the menu as “Lebanese pearl couscous topped tender chicken, pearl onions, chick peas, and exotic spices.” Both arrived piping hot.

The chicken curry was good, but slightly on the bland side. Given that it is a curry dish, I expected a slightly heavier punch. However, I finished it off, and gladly. It was a good recipe, and I’d probably be glad to eat it again.

The mougrabieh was also delicious, and perhaps a good dish for the adventurous eater. My Better-half enjoyed it, taking the left overs home for a warm lunch the next day.

The service was great, our glasses were always full, and the meal was great experience. If you haven’t had a chance, take trip over to Layla, and see if you don’t agree.

Just don’t forget to make reservations in advance.

(All pictures are from the Layla website where you can find the full menu, restaurant story, and join their email update list)

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In which I am distracted, and libertarians infiltrate polite society

I’m a bit preoccupied. My Better Half reached her due date yesterday, and we are anxiously awaiting whatever comes next.

So, in the meantime, while I’m trying to get my “head in the game,” here’s some stuff to expand your knowledge and entertain your senses. Or maybe vice-versa. Also, libertarian views on the rise:

  • Said Judge Posner, of an alleged serial spammer’s courtroom presentation. “It’s not only incompetent, it’s grotesque. You’ve got damages jumping around from $11 million to $130 million to $122 million to $33 million. In fact, the damages are probably zero.” Timothy B. Lee at Ars Technica.
  • “Montgomery County officials have allowed the children to reopen their lemonade stand, by relocating it about 100-feet away from the intersection where it was set up Thursday.” This after they fine the tots $500 for their enterprising ways. WUSA9.com
  • Wanna go to Harvard? Apparently the White House is a good stepping stone. “About a half-dozen staffers will begin at the premier law school this fall, bringing a rare skill set, a golden Rolodex and tales of the corridors of power to Harvard Yard. The exodus of the younger White House staffers marks the first major departure of junior aides in the Obama administration.” Politico.
  • This is for you Alex (as you consider forcibly moving your fellow Americans to Somalia): Ilya Somin wonders if the public is becoming more libertarian. “Obviously, the vast majority of the public is not nearly as libertarian as most libertarian activists and intellectuals are. But it does seem to be more libertarian than the median voter of the recent past.” The Volokh Conspiracy.
  • If Ilya ain’t enough for you, the NYT column FiveThirtyEight (Nate Silver) is getting in on the action, too, citing a CNN poll that seems to show a shift.

Whether people are as libertarian-minded in practice as they might believe themselves to be when they answer survey questions is another matter. Still, there have been visible shifts in public opinion on a number of issues, ranging from increasing tolerance for same-sex marriage and marijuana legalizationon the one hand, to the skepticism over stimulus packages and the health-care overhaul on the other hand, that can be interpreted as a move toward more libertarian views.

And, just for kicks, here’s a graph:

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