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Entitlement Reform: Start with Social Security

INFOGRAPHIC - Why Social Security Needs To Be ...

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It is almost cliché for my generation to joke that  Social Security will be gone before we retire.  It may be a stretch, but it really is no joking matter. Social Security is in a bad way, and it is getting worse.

The number of Social Security recipients is  growing faster than the number of people paying into it. It is a likely scenario that the Social Security trust fund (which doesn’t really exist, anyway) will be gone by the time I stop paying in and start asking for it back.

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Book Review: “Comeback America: Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility” by David M. Walker

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As the former comptroller general of the United States, David Walker knows a little about the fiscal workings of the modern federal government. For fifteen years, he served under both Republican and Democratic presidents from Reagan to Clinton to the Bushes), and had a unique opportunity to call into question the decisions that have lead to our current fiscal woes. Continue reading

Have you read “Comeback America” by David Walker?

America is a great country–the greatest, as far as Americans are concerned. But its future is threatened, and we same Americans are the threat. I am talking about our nation’s deteriorating financial condition, perpetrated by all of us, and especially by the government that represents us. It is easy to ignore this national decline. Even in these hard times, we see relative prosperity and unparalleled power all around us. But the danger is there even if we fail to acknowledge it. The American way of life will go downhill, steadily and inexorably, unless we do something about our growing fiscal imbalance–and do it soon.

From the Prologue of Comeback America by David M. Walker, former comptroller general of the United States.

On that point, and with relevancy to how fast the debt is growing, especially relative to under past Administrations, watch the video by Matthias Shapiro that I posted yesterday.