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Chunga’s: Good Mexican Food, Just Outside of Downtown

The great thing about finding good Mexican food off the beaten path is that you don’t have to wait in line. Walk right up, place your order, and find a seat. Five minutes later, you’re enjoying your enchiladas, heaps of beans and rice, washed down by your favorite soft drink.

You can worry about the calories later.

In the meantime, get off the beaten path and head over to Chunga’s and enjoy that good Mexican food.

Over in Rose Park on 900 West, Chunga’s doesn’t look like much. More than meets the eye, though, and it’s worth checking out. The menu is simple, but looks written for a mixed clientage of native Spanish speakers and local gringos. I ordered my standard enchiladas with rice and beans.

While we waited, we were treated to restaurant style chips and salsa, the kind that you can’t stop eating. At most Mexican restaurants, the chips are long gone, along with my appetite, before the food arrives. Today, though, my order arrived before I could down more than  three or for chips.

And how were the enchiladas? Let me put it this way: not only did I finish them, but I also finished the rice and black beans that came with, as well as the pre-meal chips. It wasn’t quite Red Iguana, but Chunga’s certainly proved itself worthy of a drive away from the usual haunts in Downtown.

Last point: if it’s warm enough, don’t miss the chance to sit outside. There’s a lot more room outside in the patio area on the north of the building than there is inside. Might as well take advantage of it.

Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 6/10 (none, really. )
Food: 18/20
Parking: 6.5/10
Eat-ability Quotient (an average of scores):  7.9/10

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El Chihuahua: Smothered enchiladas and a first chile relleno

Today we’re talking about El Chihuahua. No, not the Taco Bell dog. The place that is next to a Bar Named Sue on Highland Drive. The one where the waiter brings you that big basket of warm tortilla chips to chomp on while you wait for the food to arrive. Yeah, you know the place. We all know the place.

According to our very patient waiter (he had to come back three times while we deliberated on our options), the Mexican themed restaurant offers a different combo each day. Behind him, and on every way wall in the restaurant, were large flat screen TVs set to ESPN.

I ordered a combo of an enchilada and a chile relleno (as if I would still be hungry after downing a basket of the aforementioned tortilla chips). My Better Half had a couple of chicken enchiladas, shared with the Little One, and Dear Ol’ Mom, along for night, had a bowl soup.

All sorts of good stuff in this menu.

I enjoyed my very much smothered cheese enchilada, almost as much as I did the loads of beans and rice that came with it (which, I was informed, by my ever informative and health conscious Dear Ol’ Mom, combined makes a complete protein). More, I really enjoyed the chile relleno. Admittedly, it was my first, but I’m looking forward to my second, now.  Smothered and well spiced, it was drowned in a red sauce mixed with several types of zucchini. I think. (I’m pretty sure they weren’t cucumbers).

After I’d cleaned up my enchilada/chile relleno combo, I moved in for a couple bites of my Better Half’s enchiladas. They were…satisfactory, but not fantastic. The chicken was well chopped, but the tortilla seemed a little bland, as did the chicken.

The soup? Well, my Dear Ol’ Mom said it was fantastic. Especially the avocados.

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