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Because every penny counts.




Rick Perry? Jim Carrey? Separated at Birth?

You gotta admit it. This pose…

looks remarkably a lot like this pose…

“One of these two Mormons could be our next president…the other is Jon Huntsman.”

In the arena of both “funny” and “perhaps too true,” The Colbert Report had a segment on Mormons. Click on the picture below to watch it.

A few highlights to watch for:

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“It is therefore ordered and adjudged”: a (successful) mixing of metaphors from the bench.

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Grintegrity: Learn it. Know it. See it.

Stephen Colbert as the fictional Stephen Colbert

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Nation–do you know grintegrity when you see it?

Grintegrity: expressing joy while reporting on the misfortune of others.

We (my Better Half and I) thought it was just another funny moment on the Colbert ReportStephen Colbert making fun of talking heads who seemed to rejoice at the problems President Obama is facing with high gas prices. That was, at least, until we started seeing it on the faces of our local reporters as the reported on the potential for floods around the state.

Yes, we were watching you, Jed Boal. (“And in other news, killer bees have entered Utah!”)

Suddenly, it looked like reporters really were happy at the misfortune of others. I suspect they were not really “happy,” per se, but just smiling (a lot), but, what can I say? It’s a little…creepy?

Check it out around 2:25. Do you ever see it?

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Yeah. Funny, but scarily close to reality. And a good reminder why I skip the broadcast media so often.

APROPOS: “Thank you golden helmeted noise warrior…”

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