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Twilight and the Law

Yesterday, I put up a post with a clip from David Edelstein’s review on Eclipse, along with a funny picture of some fully grown women screaming for Twilight (which I have sense learned means they are “Twihards.” Or “Twilighters?”).   I wrote the post as a tongue in cheek jab at the new movie, wildly successful in a way I could wish for my own literary scratchings only in my most delusional dreams.  Needless to say, I assumed, as usual, that my only audience would be the 3 people who usually read this blog (me, my mother, and perhaps some agent at the NSA…).

Boy, was I in for a surprise.  Within just a couple of hours, my hits had rocketed through the roof.  Suddenly, people were hitting the link like crazy.

Kind of weird, eh?  Weird, unless you are a Twilight fan, which, for about .zero point six eight seconds, I almost became, if just out of commercial self-interest.  I think that there are just a lot more people out there who would rather read about Twilight than the law, politics, or the other apparently uninteresting things that I punch at on this blog.

Maybe there’s a place in the market for me to do a blog on the law in Twilight?  Vampires and werewolves have laws, too, right?  Maybe…maybe not.  However, if you see more posts that integrate insights on Team Edward or Team Jacob in an analysis of the first amendment, you’ll know why.  People actually want to read that kind of stuff.  Go figure.

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