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News Round-up: Warren Jeffs Edition

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Yesterday, Warren Jeffs‘ conviction was overturned and the Utah Supreme Court ordered a retrial, and today the world is all a-twitter with the case.  It turns out that polygamy is just as interesting to news readers today as it was in the 1890s.

…and that’s just a few perspectives, today. If that’s not enough on marriage, there’s always the Defense of Marriage Act for you to think about. (Constitutional or unconstitutional? Discuss.) (Townhall.com)

(Oh, and don’t miss all these other stories on the case here below)

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Polygamist Warren Jeffs’ rape conviction overturned

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In case you’ve been following the prosecution of polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs, here’s the latest: his rape conviction has been overturned due to erroneous jury instructions.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Jeffs’ legal troubles are over–far from it.  The Utah Supreme Court, which handed down its ruling unanimously, ordered a new trial.  The ruling, which overturned Jeffs’ conviction on two counts of rape as an accomplice for his role in the “spiritual marriage” of a 14-year-old girl to her 19-year-old cousin, stated that the conviction focused on Jeffs’ actions rather than the cousin’s.  (Deseret News)  Apparently, the court did not instruct the jury that Jeffs needed to know that unwanted sex would take place and that a rape did occur. (Salt Lake Tribune)

Meanwhile, Texas is chomping at the bit to get their hands on Jeffs, too.  He is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon for an extradition hearing to send him to Texas.

(UPDATE) With the conviction overturned and a new trial ordered, Utah has decided to not extradite Jeffs to Texas, yet, probably pending the retrial.

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