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Because every penny counts.




Random number generators and cable news commentators

The source of all those exit polls, hot air, statistics, and prognosticators fodder…

Also, exit polls in Florida and Iowa, financial analysis, and D&D.

xkcd: Sports.

See also “Mark Twain.” (“There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.”)

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Speaking of legalese that no one reads…

Yesterday, I happened to read the legal disclaimers and warnings on the bottom of an email exchange. It was the first time I had actually looked at them, and I wondered “aloud” if anyone reads them.

Nope, said an associate. We just put them in emails to cover us in case we screw up.

XKCD added some further light on such disclaimers, pointing out that even elevators carry disclaimers…that it is unlikely that anyone reads.

Why NASA didn’t serve theme based hors d’oerves at the press conference

Brought to you by the inestimable XKCD, have a laugh, on me:

“I had a dream last night…”

Thanks to XKCD.com for keeping it real.